Our business model

We want to use our strategy to become the leading logistic and postal service provider in, to and from the Benelux. To realise this, we are concentrating on delivering value for stakeholders in four different domains – customer, social, environmental and financial – through a number of strategic objectives, which are outlined below:

  • Help customers grow their business;

  • Secure a sustainable mail business;

  • Attract and retain motivated people;

  • Improve environmental impact;

  • Generate profitable growth and sustainable cash flow.

We have identified relevant focus areas for each objective, which help us execute our strategy. And we use several company-wide programmes to strengthen our strategy execution. We also link our strategy to our key material topics, which helps ensure we focus on creating relevant value for our stakeholders. Resource allocation, based on required input capital, plays an essential role in our strategic decision making. This helps us optimise and further develop our core business activities to generate the outputs our stakeholders require.

Business activities

We serve our customers by providing three essential core logistic activities: collect, sort and deliver. Over time, we have built dense networks and state-of-the-art processes throughout the Benelux and beyond through our cross-border solutions, while divesting non-core activities. Digitalisation is helping us transform the way we do business and enhance our core activities to provide our customers with smart logistic solutions, improve our competitive position, and further advance customer interaction and experience. Our committed people play a crucial role in fulfilling the promises we make to customers.


Our Parcels solutions range from delivering standard parcels to more tailored solutions, such as health logistics, and from time-critical delivery to installation services. E-commerce is shaping the future of retail, and we help drive this vital sector through IT, network and infrastructure investments, such as processing the growing number of small parcels. At the same time, our digital platforms enable us to offer e-tailers and consumers greater control over sending and delivery, connecting the e-commerce environment. Together, these factors enable us to focus on optimising our revenues while creating greater customer value through better insights. Within logistics, we have chosen to develop a leading position in the health and home & garden markets while broadening and strengthening the e-commerce logistics chain, such as by helping e-tailers come online by supplying fulfilment solutions, and offering time-critical services. And we provide customers with international delivery solutions through Spring, as it transitions towards becoming a provider of global e-commerce solutions.

Mail in the Netherlands

At Mail in the Netherlands we want to maintain an accessible, reliable and affordable mail network, while continuing to concentrate on delivering a sustainable cash flow in a declining mail market. Physical mail remains a vital communication element in society, as has been seen through the Covid-19 pandemic as people connected by sending cards and letters. The relatively high share of higher-margin single mail and parcel items in 2020/2021, in part driven by incidental Covid-19 impact, could have an impact on the level and phasing of regulated stamp price increases in the near future.

We are innovating for those customers and consumers that use physical mail, for example by investing strongly in automation to help us increase delivery quality and efficiency. We are also investing in the digitalisation of both our network processes and customer journeys, such as the stamp code that is convenient and simple to use, and the 'Mijn Post' service in the PostNL app, which provides users with a notification and digital preview of the mail that will be delivered to them that day.

We are also introducing further efficiencies and synergies across our operations to realise cost savings and strengthen our services, to offset the negative impact of ongoing volume decline, such as rolling out the New mail route. We believe that consolidation is vital to maintain accessible and reliable postal services, which is why the Sandd integration is such an important step forward. And our combined mail network helps us keep mail delivery accessible and reliable in an increasingly digital environment.


Pursuing opportunities and managing risks are essential in order to be in control of our strategic progress. We use a multiple layer governance structure to steer our company in the right direction. Line management, business control, legal, public affairs, internal audit, executive committee, board of management, audit committee and the supervisory board all have an important role to play to make sure we are in control. Not only to safeguard our strategy execution and external reporting, but also to identify and manage areas for improvement in our business model.