How we create value

Our value creation model illustrates our process of achieving long-term value for our customers and investors, our people, society and the company by providing logistic and postal services. We use our key material topics as input to connect our long-term impact with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our value creation model

  • Customer experience

  • E-commerce growth

  • Relevance of physical mail

  • Digitalisation and data

  • Engaged people

  • Emission-free delivery

  • Sustainable logistics

  • Financial performance and position


  • Customers

  • Trade unions

  • Governments

  • Business partners

  • Financial market

Technological and produced

  • Buildings, facilities and vehicles

  • Networks and processes

  • Digital technology

  • (IT) management systems


  • Motivated people

  • Competent employees

  • People working for PostNL

  • Logistical and digital expertise


  • Solar energy

  • Natural gas

  • Fuels and electricity


  • Equity

  • Debt

Purpose led and ambition driven strategy Generate profitable growth and sustainable cash flow Improve environmental impact Help customers grow their business Secure a sustainable mail business Attract and retain motivated people
Attract and retain motivated peopleImprove environmental impactHelp customers grow their businessSecure a sustainable mail businessAttract and retain motivated people


  • Customer loyalty

  • Reputation

  • Compliance

  • Collective Labour Agreements

Technological and produced

  • Delivered volumes

  • Capacity increased

  • Updated portfolio


  • People development

  • Diverse and inclusive workforce

  • Absenteeism

  • Recordable accidents


  • Greenhouse Gas emissions

  • Air polluting emissions


  • Shareholder returns

  • Cash flow

  • Market capitalisation

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Share of e-commerce revenue

  • Delivery quality

  • Employee engagement

  • CO2 efficiency

  • Share of emission-free delivery

  • Revenue

  • Normalised EBIT

  • Free cash flow

  • Adjusted net debt