Value of physical mail

In 2020 we truly saw the power of physical mail, as people connected with friends and loved ones through mail. Driven by a combination of the lockdown measures and restrictions on socialising, people started to sent more greetings cards and gifts using letterbox parcels in both the first and second wave of the pandemic, underpinning the value of connecting through physical mail.

Large customers also understand the power of reaching their target group using physical mail. For large e-commerce companies, direct mail remains a powerful way of connecting with the right audience. They can send mailings in targeted ways to households across the country, making selections based on demographics such as age group or location. One example is e-tailer, which used us to deliver 1.6 million of its toy catalogues.

For vital social initiatives, such as election campaigns or the organ donor register, mail is still the tried and trusted solution. For national elections, all registered voters are sent a polling card by post prior to the election, which they have to use on election day. And in 2020 we delivered a mailing campaign to over 5 million people across the Netherlands for the organ donor register, a life-giving initiative.