Key material topics

We have evaluated our operating context and looked at how we create value for society, including shareholders and stakeholders. This enabled us to define eight key material topics for 2020. For each key material topic we developed performance indicators to measure progress on the outcomes of our value creation model.

From the eight key material topics, we have identified three that are vital if we are to realise our strategic objectives in the short term: Customer experience, Engaged people, and Financial performance and position. The other five topics remain essential for our long-term value creation and support our main three topics.

We developed outcome indicators for each topic to measure progress on the outcomes of our value creation model.

PostNL Key material topics



Customer experience

The experience customers have with PostNL and our contribution to the experience of consumers with our customers. The impact on customer experience is related to several aspects, including involving customers in product and service development, transparency about PostNL's processes, innovative and flexible options for receivers, interaction and communication.

Engaged people

Motivated people are key to execute our activities to deliver the customer experience we aim for at PostNL. The engagement of our people is influenced in various ways, such as meaningful work, working conditions, fair compensation, a healthy and safe working environment, equal treatment, respect for differences, development opportunities, appreciation, participation and the openness to give feedback.

Financial performance and position

Investors and other providers of capital evaluate the financial performance and position in their investment decisions. Generating a sustainable financial performance and a healthy financial position creates value for investors and for PostNL. It contributes to the economic value of our company and enables us to create room for investments in the development and growth of our business.

Emission-free delivery

To avoid greenhouse gas and other air polluting emissions in the delivery of shipments for customers, we focus on the emission-free first-mile collection and last-mile delivery of parcels and mail in the Benelux.

E-commerce growth

Contribution to and profiting from the growth of the online business. This relates to the expansion of current markets, including managing network capacity, and contributing to the development and growth of new online markets and customers, for example in relation to online platforms and the health sector.

Relevance of physical mail

Emphasise the value of physical mail as communication medium in relation to the trend of increasing digitalisation, which is leading to declining volumes. At the same time, underpin the relevance of (cost)effective execution of the universal mail service in the Netherlands to keep mail accessible, reliable and affordable, while providing long-term employment as one of the largest employers in the Netherlands.

Sustainable logistics

Become a more environmentally sustainable logistics company. This includes improving our environmental impact, primarily related to climate change and air pollution. At the same time, we also address waste management, the circular economy and water availability. Becoming more sustainable also contributes to employee engagement and our reputation.

Digitalisation and data

The transformation in society whereby the role of digital information and communication in all facets of people’s lives is accelerating. Digitisation of information forms the basis for processing, modelling, storage and analysis of data. This enables us to become more digitally and data driven in doing business, while seizing new opportunities, all in the benefit of customers and consumers.