Realise change

Our focus is on optimising our logistic processes while creating a harmonious work environment. In 2019, for example, we were again ranked highly for our social performance in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), showing a strong improvement of around 10% in our social dimension score compared to 2018. By investing in sustainable employability and focusing on diversity, we believe we make the organisation stronger and create an environment in which people want to work.

Moving from contracting to temporary workers

In order to provide clarity and leadership in the discussion on contracting, we have decided to stop employing workers on a contracting basis within our parcel sorting and delivery centres. This means that temporary workers will be paid based on our company's collective labour agreement. We started this change program in 2019 and expect to have this fully implemented in 2020.

Our aim is to cut the number of overweight parcels from our network, helping to reduce the impact heavy lifting has on our sorters and deliverers.

Re-matching working packages

In June 2019 we introduced the New mail route. One of the things this enabled us to do was provide employees with additional working hours (see the 'New schedules for mail deliverers' story box). We developed a process to match around 27,000 sorting and delivery employees with a new schedule, taking into account logistical changes and employees' personal circumstances. Introducing the new schedules led to only 0.2% official complaints from employees, which were discussed and resolved in close collaboration with a commission consisting of an independent chairman, deputies of the company and the works council. We believe our careful preparations and communication efforts contributed to the success of the implementation, and helped us maintain our employee engagement score year-on-year.

Focus on internal mobility

In 2019 we paid more attention to the internal mobility of our people, in particular those colleagues in Mail in the Netherlands whose work is impacted by volume decline. A key element in our approach is careful communication about the reasoning behind changes in our organisation. In the early stages of restructurings or reallocations we involve employees in our plans and start conversations on internal job or retirement possibilities. Via our own Mobility Office we give our employees an insight into internal vacancies and help them to gain the necessary knowledge. As a result of the strong growth across parts of our business, new and interesting positions are opening up. This is one of the reasons we actively stimulated voluntary internal mobility through internal recruitment campaigns.