Business model

We use our business model to achieve our ambition of becoming the favourite deliverer. Our identity gives us guidance on how we want to collaborate and interact with stakeholders. Our strategy provides management direction when making decisions. Our main business activities are influenced by our identity and our strategy and form the core of our business model. Finally, our governance structure helps us safeguard that management steers adequately on these three indispensable elements in our business model.

Ambition and guiding principles

At PostNL, we use the so-called Orange Compass to bring our identity to life. It also gives us guidance on our behaviour to demonstrate desired customer experience, as explained in the chapter 'Our identity'.

Business activities

We serve our customers by providing three essential core activities within the parcels and mail market: collecting, sorting and delivering. This is only possible because of the dense and integrated networks and state-of-the-art processes that we operate throughout the Benelux, and beyond through our cross-border solutions. We need to deliver reliably, safely, on time and conveniently to make a difference and to fulfill the promises we make to our customers. Our committed workforce makes this happen.

We serve our customers by providing three essential core activities: collecting, sorting and delivering.


Our Parcels solutions range from delivering standard parcels to more tailored solutions, such as health logistics, and from time-critical delivery to installation services. We are investing across the network, from IT and data solutions to state-of-the-art sorting centres, to help drive e-commerce growth. Our digital platforms, such as the PostNL app, enable us to launch services that give consumers greater control over their deliveries. We are also creating new IT platforms designed for business customers, which provide e-tailers with a greater range of delivery options and services. Infrastructure investments, such as in centres that can process the growing number of small parcels, will help us keep pace with market growth and further improve the efficiency of our services. Our Spring brand provides customers with international delivery solutions as it transitions towards becoming a provider of global e-commerce solutions.

Mail in the Netherlands

At Mail in the Netherlands we continue to concentrate on delivering a sustainable cash flow in a shrinking mail market. Acquiring Sandd helps us to keep postal services reliable, accessible and affordable throughout the Netherlands, while providing sustainable employment for our people and those who join us. We continue to invest in our mail network, which results in an increase in the percentage of automatic sorting, and creates more flexibility when realising delivery route optimisation. We are also introducing further efficiencies across our networks and operations to realise cost savings and strengthen our services, such as rolling out the New mail route.

Our strategy

PostNL's strategy is based on becoming the logistics and postal solutions provider in the Benelux. In order to achieve our strategy, we have set out strategic objectives, which are further discussed through our strategic priorities and relevant drivers, as explained in the chapter 'Our strategy'.


Pursuing opportunities and managing risks are essential in order to be in control of our strategic progress. We use a multiple layer governance structure to steer our company in the right direction. Line management, business control, internal audit, executive committee, board of management, audit committee and the supervisory board all have an important role to play make sure we are in control. Not only to safeguard our strategy execution and external reporting, but also to identify and manage areas for improvement in our business model.