Our commitment to respect Human Rights

At PostNL, respect for Human Rights is an important pre-condition to be a sustainable company and good employer. PostNL is committed to protect and advance Human Rights and works vigorously to protect people against infringements of Human Rights in its operations. We respect ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and particularly endorse the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In 2019 we updated our Human Rights policy based on identified improvement areas. Adding Human Rights as an explicit topic in the annual risk assessment cycle of PostNL. Although Human RIghts in such has not been identified as key risk, we take action on Human Rights for our own people and the people working for us. In addition, we assess Human Rights risks of suppliers following a risk-based approach.

Contributing to a liveable society

We believe in giving something back in addition to our business activities. Our sponsorship policy aims to help people who need extra support to stay connected with society. This sponsorship also means we can provide our employees with an opportunity to give greater meaning to their jobs. We choose initiatives where we can add value, making use of our people, networks and competencies. Our employees spend time on a voluntary basis and we donate the use of our materials, equipment and networks.

Free delivery - Stichting Jarige Job

In 2019 we again worked with Stichting Jarige Job, a foundation that provides very poor children in the Netherlands with a gift box on their birthday. Throughout January each year, people can give gifts they want to donate directly to the parcel deliverer, or drop them off at a retail point, and we then deliver them free of charge to Jarige Job. In 2019, we delivered over 80,000 presents.

National Elderly Fund

In 2019 we again delivered free Christmas cards to health institutions and over 6,000 primary schools across the Netherlands, asking everyone to write to a special someone who deserves a little extra attention during the festive season. This was the fifth year we have carried out the initiative, which resulted in us delivering 180,000 Christmas cards to elderly people.

National Coalition against Loneliness

We signed an agreement to join the National Coalition against Loneliness, which is a collaboration of companies, social institutions and governmental institutions focused on reducing loneliness among elderly people. It is estimated that around 700,000 elderly people in the Netherlands feel lonely. Through our presence in the heart of society, and the growth of our health activities, we have a great deal of contact with the elderly in their homes and want to help make a difference.

Orange action week

Each year participants in the PostNL management trainee programme are asked to leave a 'footprint' following their time in the programme. Inspired by the introduction of our Orange compass, the focus in 2019 was on our connection in society, and the trainees chose to organise the Orange Action Week' in May. During the week, hundreds of PostNL employees dedicated themselves to around 20 charities, ranging from collecting for local food banks to organising a sports and culture day for children who live in an asylum seekers' centre. In addition to delivering over 2,000 special moments, participants also raised more than €12,000 for charity. The Orange Action Week will take place again in 2020, with volunteers from across the company.

King games

Once again, we delivered the King’s Games Sports and Party Parcel to all primary schools that participated in the 2019 King’s Games. For the seventh year in a row, we made sure that the more than 6,000 parcels made it to participating schools in the Netherlands. And in cooperation with the Foundation for Dutch Education Abroad, we also took care of the distribution to Dutch schools abroad that celebrate the King’s Games.

PostNL Human Rights in our policy

Elements of PostNL Group Human Rights Policy

Subject covered

Reference to UDHR1

Collective labour agreements

Stimulate trade union and works council participation; work conditions; equal opportunities; remuneration; working hours and rest

Art. 20; Art. 23.1; Art. 23.2; Art. 23.3; Art. 24

Business principles

Slavery; diversity

Art. 4; Art. 18

PostNL Group Statement on Slavery and Human Trafficking


Art. 4

PostNL Procurement policy

Freedom of association, work conditions; equal opportunities; remuneration; working hours and rest

Art. 20; Art. 23.1; Art. 23.2; Art. 23.3; Art. 24

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Freedom of thought, conscience and religion; equal opportunities

Art. 18; Art. 23.2

PostNL pride network

Stimulate LGBT acceptance

Art. 18

Woman Inclusion Network

Support women in equal opportunities

Art. 18

OHSAS 18001 certification

Work conditions

Art. 23.1

Complaints and support processes

Freedom of opinion and expression

Art. 19

  • 1 Universal Declaration of Human Rights