Strategic objectives

To become the leading e-commerce logistics and postal service provider in, to and from the Benelux, we steer actively on achieving our strategic objectives, which we implement through our business units. We have identified focus areas for these objectives, which are described in detail in the infographics later in this chapter. These focus areas help us translate our objectives into practical steps and action plans through which we evaluate our progress.

Customer value: Help customers grow their business and secure a sustainable mail business

Realising our ambition also means focusing on the desired consumer and customer experience in everything we do. We aim to strengthen our competitive position by further connecting customers and consumers through high delivery quality and simple and smart digital journeys. We also steer on customer satisfaction, and have initiated customer journey assessments to help us improve continually on customer satisfaction by better understanding our customers' needs and wishes.

Social value: Attract and retain motivated people

Our societal impact comes from our role as a major employer and our corporate citizenship. Our people create our success, and we want them to feel engaged and motivated to work with or for us, whether they are employed by PostNL directly or work for delivery partners. This is why we are working to add thousands of parcel deliverers to our own payroll over the next few years, and focus continually on regulatory compliance and operating in accordance with all social laws. At the same time, diversity and inclusion are integral elements of PostNL and we work hard to ensure equality across the company and connection within society.

In 2022 we launched the PostNL Special Moments Fund, with the aim of contributing to greater connection, contact, and consideration for one another across society by initiating new social activities and continuing existing ones. More information on this initiative can be found in the 'Social value'download chapter later in this report.

Environmental value: Improve environmental impact

Strategically, our main focus is on climate change mitigation by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations and our outsourced activities, and our ambition is to deliver all letters and parcels emission-free in the last mile in the Benelux by 2030 and achieve net zero carbon emissions worldwide by 2050. To achieve this, we are investing across the business to create an efficient network, offer green products and services, and make our buildings as sustainable as possible.

Financial value: Generate profitable growth and sustainable cash flow

We focus on providing short- and long-term financial value for our financial stakeholders, enabling them to obtain an attractive return, which means realising a solid financial performance and a healthy financial position. To achieve this, we are executing our strategy with a strong focus on capital allocation.

How we performed on our strategic objectives in 2022 can be found in the 'Customer value'download, 'Social value'download, 'Environmental value'download and 'Financial value'download chapters later in the report.

Strong progress with our labour model

PostNL aims to recruit thousands of parcel deliverers onto its own payroll in the Netherlands over the next few years, as it focuses on three crucial elements in its way of working: providing as many permanent contracts as possible, developing long-standing partnerships, and furthering climate-friendly delivery. We want to ensure that, over time, at least half of all our parcels are delivered by people employed by us. This will involve scaling up to some 6,000 parcel deliverers in permanent PostNL employment.

As the country’s largest mail and parcel company, this move will enable us to continue to be a good and social employer, and act as leaders where we can. Additionally, we continue to cooperate closely with social enterprises across the country to offer work to around 1,000 people who face challenges in the labour market.