Green products and services ​

Successfully transitioning towards a decarbonised business means being reliant on the market and third parties for products that are cleaner, more efficient, and more sustainable. Examples include the speed with which electric trucks and vans are widely available, the implementation of a stable, Benelux-wide electric charging network, and the impact that air freight has on our scope 3 CO2 emissions. To solve these issues, we need to work with our customers and partners along the supply chain, looking for ways to reduce social and environmental costs while improving efficiencies.

At the same time, we need to invest in developing technologies to help accelerate the rate of change.

Helping consumers choose sustainable delivery options

Sustainable delivery is not just our ambition, it's also increasingly expected by customers and consumers. To make it clear to consumers that their order is delivered sustainably, we have now created a smart link that e-tailers can add to their checkout process highlighting when a sustainable delivery option is available.

The new service will help e-tailers be more transparent about the forms of sustainable delivery being used, from electric vehicles to those that run on sustainable fuel. PostNL collection points and automated parcel lockers will also be included as sustainable delivery options (if consumers collect them by foot or bike) as they result in deliverers making fewer stops, and guarantee a package is delivered first time. Consumers can also see in the PostNL app if their package has been delivered sustainably.

Providing customers with a sustainable shipping bag

In 2022 we developed a paper mailing bag for a customer that wants to improve its sustainability credentials and move away from sending small orders in plastic bags. As well as cutting the use of plastic, the bag is also durable and reduces the amount of air in each sending, improving efficiency. Our aim is to continually innovate to create more sustainable shipping alternatives for customers, such as smaller, more sustainable packaging.

Reusable packaging regulations

As part of its drive to reduce waste across Europe, the EU is aiming to introduce new regulations that will require a certain percentage of e-commerce packaging to be reusable in the coming years. Currently, the EU says that 10% of e-commerce packaging for transport will have to be reusable by 2030, rising to 50% by 2040. As a company with a strong sustainability focus, PostNL takes this seriously and has already been working on the topic for a number of years. We believe that cooperation with industry associations and European reusable packaging producers will lead to further development and use of this packaging. As well as lowering our carbon footprint, these solutions also positively contribute to the transition towards a circular economy.