Impact on sustainable development

As a large company, we are responsible for the various ways we create an impact across society, in the Benelux and beyond. Alongside the execution of our strategy, we also need to look at the value we create over the longer term and on a broader range of societal topics. We have based the output and outcomes of our value creation model on our key material topics and linked these to the longer-term impact on the UN's Sustainable development goals (SDGs).

SDG impact

Our focus

To progress on sustainable development and improve the impact we have on society we have identified four focus SDGs that our business activities have the greatest impact on. From our own operations, decent work and economic growth (SDG 8) is our most relevant SDG, followed by climate action (SDG 13). Through collaboration along our value chain, we focus on making progress on industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9) and responsible consumption and production (SDG 12). Because all SDGs are interrelated, the actions we take to make headway with our four focus SDGs impact all other SDGs.

How we are making progress

We have developed our approach towards our focus SDGs and identified relevant interrelations between other SDGs based on specific SDG sub targets as defined by the United Nations (UN). We have mapped the material topics to the focus SDGs and the contribution they make to the linked SDGs, as seen in the table below. More information about our contribution to the SDGs can be found in 'Non-financial statements'download

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PostNL Connecting value creation to SDGs

Connecting our value creation to focus and interrelated SDGs




Focus SDG - sub target


Linked SDG - sub target

Customer value

Doing good

8.2download Higher levels of economic productivity

17.3download Mobilize additional financial resources for developing countries from multiple sources

Doing good

9.4download Upgrade infrastructure and retrofit business model to make it sustainable


Doing good

9.5download Enhance scientific research and upgrade technological capabilities


Social value

Avoiding harm

8.8download Labour rights, safe and secure work environment for all, equal pay

3.6download Road traffic accidents

Doing good

8.5download Full and productive employment for all

4.3, 4.5download Quality education


10.2download Promote inclusion of all

Environmental value

Doing good

9.4download Upgrade infrastructure and retrofit business model to make it sustainable

7.2download Increase the share of renewable energy

Avoiding harm

12.4download Management of chemicals and all wastes throughout their life cycle including reducing waste to land, air and water

3.9download Reduce death and illness from pollution to air, land and water

Avoiding harm

13.2download Implement climate change measures in strategy and planning

11.6download Reduce adverse impact on air quality; waste management


17.6download Enhance international cooperation on and access to technology and innovation

Financial value

Doing good

8.1download Contribute to economic growth

1.2download Reduce the proportion of men, women and children of all ages living in poverty