Lead through business model innovations

Bringing innovative value propositions to the market benefits our customers and helps us grow our business. In 2022 we continued to work on developing solutions and platforms which offer customers a range of services that complement our core logistics expertise, such as mail and parcel delivery. The story on the integrator model provides more information on platform solutions.

Further developing the integrator model

The logistics sector is witnessing a rise in the percentage of parcels being sent via shipping platforms, especially in the small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) segment, as the e-commerce environment continues to develop. One consequence of this is that customer contact is increasingly moving from the carriers to the platforms, the most successful of which are growing rapidly by offering e-tailers a delivery choice of multiple carriers, lower rates, and good customer experience.

For PostNL, this development is both a threat and an opportunity. Offsetting the loss of volumes and a lower average selling price is the opportunity to offer an integrated proposition, in which we create an open platform while offering a range of logistics services, such as multi-carrier collection, access to parcel lockers, and data services.

In the short term, this will involve giving the shipping platforms in our portfolio, such as MyParcel, which already has a significant market position, Shops United and CheapCargo, the space and freedom to take advantage of the ongoing market developments.

At the same time, we will invest where necessary and offer relevant additional services. This will enable us to place an integrated and distinctive solution in the market, which is able to compete with other platforms. Our aim is to develop this proposition further throughout 2023.