The value of physical mail

Physical mail remains an important form of communication. People connect with friends and loved ones through mail, and many value that it can be physically held and stored. This can make it more meaningful than digital communications, such as email or social media messages, which can be easily deleted or forgotten.

In 2022, for direct mail campaigns the letterbox remained an extremely powerful tool for customers to connect with, inspire, and encourage consumers to shop. Working with an external research agency, we analysed the direct mail campaign of a customer that targeted 650,000 customer card holders. The results highlighted that the direct mail promotion of 2022 scored significantly better than an equivalent promotion the company carried out in 2017. Overall, receivers said the mailing was highly appreciated and almost a third said they were activated to take action, for example by visiting one of the customer's stores.

For vital social initiatives, such as election campaigns or the organ donor register, mail remains the tried and trusted solution. Throughout the year we sorted and delivered a range of letters as part of the Dutch government's drive to tackle the pandemic, including invitations for people to receive their booster vaccination.

With digital native players competing for consumer attention and the social media landscape becoming increasingly complex, fragmented and expensive to reach potential customers, physical (direct) mail becomes an attractive medium to attract new customers. Our physical mail services enable everyone across the country to be contacted, enabling businesses to reach out and connect with those who may not have regular access to the internet or may not be as tech-savvy.

One of our key tasks is securing accessible and reliable postal services at affordable prices

Another example is letterbox packages, which saw volumes increase further in 2022. Consumers value the convenience of not having to stay at home for delivery, while for e-tailers letterbox packages offer an attractive and sustainable way to send small or lightweight products.