Manage network capacity

We are focused on offering consumers and customers the best delivery options within the e-commerce market, while managing our networks to adapt to changing volume demands. During the year we had to continuously align our network capacity with volumes, within the constraints of a tight labour market. For example, we adjusted distribution routes and scaled back operations across our sorting centres to reflect lower volumes. This enabled us to maintain the necessary levels of flexibility to deal with peak seasons, thereby safeguarding customer and consumer service levels.

Expanding our network capacity

In April we began constructing our twenty-seventh parcel sorting centre in the Netherlands, our first in the province of Drenthe, while we also opened our first high-tech parcels sorting centre in Belgium. Both initiatives help us further expand our e-commerce operations across the Benelux, and enable us to better manage our network needs and capacity. The centre in Belgium will process up to 60,000 parcels per day and employ around 400 people, including 250 delivery drivers.