Consolidated statement of financial position

PostNL Consolidated statement of financial position in million
2022, 2023

At 31 DecemberNotes20222023
Goodwill 207207
Other intangible assets 182200
Intangible fixed assets3.3389407
Land and buildings 255275
Plant and equipment 146165
Other equipment 1311
Construction in progress 4440
Property, plant and equipment3.2457491
Right-of-use assets3.4295293
Investments in joint ventures/associates3.776
Loans receivable4.11715
Deferred tax assets3.896
Financial assets at fair value through OCI4.22016
Financial fixed assets 5344
Total non-current assets 1,1941,235
Inventory 79
Trade accounts receivable3.1.1370320
Accounts receivable3.1.11213
Income tax receivable 13
Prepayments and accrued income 7680
Cash and cash equivalents4.1556518
Total current assets 1,022943
Assets classified as held for sale3.961
Total assets 2,2212,180
Equity and liabilities
Equity attributable to the equity holders of the parent 177198
Non-controlling interests 22
Total equity2.6179200
Deferred tax liabilities3.84040
Provisions for pension liabilities3.522
Other provisions3.63542
Long-term debt4.1697299
Long-term lease liabilities3.4255240
Other long-term liabilities4.12773
Total non-current liabilities 1,057695
Trade accounts payable 182210
Other provisions3.61521
Short-term debt4.121368
Short-term lease liabilities3.47580
Other current liabilities3.1.2168126
Income tax payable 131
Contract liabilities3.1.37057
Accrued current liabilities3.1.4441421
Total current liabilities 9841,284
Total equity and liabilities 2,2212,180

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