Consolidated statement of profit or loss

PostNL Consolidated statement of profit or loss in million
2022, 2023

Year ended at 31 DecemberNotes2022Change in pension accounting classification2022 excl. change in pension accounting classification2023
Revenue from contracts with customers2.13,132 3,1323,153
Other operating revenue 13 1312
Total operating revenue 3,14403,1443,165
Other income2.27 79
Cost of materials (85) (85)(91)
Work contracted out and other external expenses2.3.1(1,570) (1,570)(1,592)
Salaries, pensions and social security contributions2.3.2(2,504)(1,357)(1,147)(1,100)
Depreciation, amortisation and impairments2.3.3(156) (156)(177)
Other operating expenses2.3.4(128) (128)(130)
Total operating expenses (4,442)(1,357)(3,085)(3,090)
Operating income (1,291)(1,357)6684
Interest and similar income 3 320
Interest and similar expenses (22) (22)(22)
Net financial income/(expense)2.4.1(19) (19)(2)
Results from investments in JVs/associates3.7(1) (1)(4)
Profit/(loss) before income taxes (1,311)(1,357)4678
Income taxes2.4.2330350(21)(24)
Profit/(loss) from continuing operations (981)(1,007)2654
Profit/(loss) from discontinued operations2.4.3(11) (11)1
Profit/(loss) for the year (993)(1,007)1456
Attributable to:
Non-controlling interests 0 00
Equity holders of the parent (993)(1,007)1455

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