Data coverage

We strive to report non-financial performance data based on actuals as much as possible. We may use extrapolation of results of large entities to determine the performance of smaller entities. This reduces the administrative tasks for smaller entities. We only use this method in cases where the extrapolations are reasonably predictable. The table below provides an overview of data coverage per line item in the 'Non-financial performance indicators'.

PostNL Data coverage table 2022

Customer value
Net Promotor Score100%0%
Parcel volume growth100%0%
Delivery quality Parcels (%)100%0%
Delivery quality Mail (%)100%0%
Reputation score100%0%
ISO 9001 certification100%0%
Social value
Share of engaged employees100%0%
Full time equivalents (FTE)100%0%
Share of females in total headcount100%0%
Share of females in operational management positions100%0%
Share of females in middle management positions100%0%
Share of total females holding a management position100%0%
Share of females holding a senior management position100%0%
Training hours per FTE100%0%
Average training costs in EUR per FTE100%0%
Accident rate (per 100 FTE)100%0%
Fatal accidents100%0%
Total accidents97%3%
Absenteeism (share of total working days)97%3%
ISO 45001 Certification100%0%

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Environmental value
CO2 efficiency improvement (scope 1 and 2; base year 2017)100%0%
Share of emission-free delivery of mail and parcels in the last-mile100%0%
Energy consumption (total scope 1 and 2 in TJ)93%7%
Energy consumption buildings (TJ / 1000 m2)81%19%
Energy consumption transport (TJ / million km)100%0%
Scope 1 GHG emissions (gross in ktCO2)100%0%
Scope 2 GHG emissions (gross in ktCO2)77%23%
Scope 3 GHG emissions (gross in ktCO2)100%0%
NOx emissions (scope 1 in kg)100%0%
NOx emissions (scope 1 in g/km)100%0%
PM10 emissions (scope 1 in kg)100%0%
PM10 emissions (scope 1 in g/km)100%0%
Share of vehicles complying with Euro 6100%0%
Share of vehicles complying with Euro 5100%0%
ISO 14001 certification100%0%

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