Combatting climate change

We were proud to once again be included in the leadership index of sustainable companies worldwide in the transport and logistics sector by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). This benchmark evaluates listed companies on economic, social and environmental transparency and performance. We also achieved an 'A' score in the CDP benchmark, a global environmental disclosure system. This is the best score a company can get, and highlights the continuing progress we are making in environmental management.

While we are amongst the frontrunners in our sector today, we see market dynamics changing as all relevant market players in the Benelux stepping up their environmental sustainability efforts. This helps raising more awareness and stimulates technological developments and innovation. We want to stay ahead and therefore we are increasing our investments to accelerate the environmental progress towards our targets.

Meanwhile, we also decided to take responsibility for the carbon emissions we cannot reduce yet. We decided to fully offset our absolute scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions through compensation projects as of 2022. We indirectly invest in high-quality certified projects, based on established standards such as Gold Standard.

By purchasing through voluntary carbon credits we contribute indirectly to carbon reduction, avoidance and/or removals outside our value chain. And these projects also aim to contribute positively to local communities. These compensations will enable us to bring our absolute net CO2 emissions down to zero.

In September, we held an ESG deep-dive session with investors focusing on our environmental strategy, during which we announced we will invest around €80 million up until 2024 in environmental projects as part of our longer-term strategy. These projects include the electrification of our fleet, contributing to the electrification of the fleet of delivery partners, charging infrastructure and the expansion of renewable fuels.

Sustainable finance developments

In April, we published our second Green Bond Report, which provides investors and other interested parties with an update on the green projects we have funded using proceeds from the Bond. It also outlines planned investments, the majority of which will consist of electrification of our fleet and investments in sustainable buildings. In December we successfully completed a five-year €200 million revolving credit facility. As part of this facility, the margin we have to pay is partly dependent on the successful execution of our emission-reduction strategy. This will be decided by evaluating our performance on two main indicators: the carbon efficiency of our own operations and the share of emission-free delivery in the last mile.

Four pillars in our approach

Our transition to low-carbon logistics means we are looking for new ways to cut emissions, increase efficiency, and cut the number of kilometres we drive. Besides clean kilometres, we are also working on network efficiency, sustainable buildings and facilities, and green products and services.