Our operating context

Our customers, consumers and partners in the value chain, our competitive position, and market developments all influence the way we do business. We engage with stakeholders, including shareholders, to determine the key material topics we focus on to create long-term value.

Position and role in the value chain

Through our broad range of delivery and related services, PostNL plays an important role in the logistic value chain, in, to and from the Benelux and beyond. In the future we will increasingly run an integrator model in parallel with our existing physical services, which will enable us to grow the range of services we offer our customers, while managing our e-commerce-related networks and those of our partners as one. Digitalisation will play a key role in this development.

Our position in the value chain

Our broad range of products and services

PostNL is a full-service logistics and e-commerce provider, built upon core physical business activities: collecting, sorting and delivering. We help senders place orders through our own channels, such as the PostNL app or website, and consumers find the right delivery option when they order online. We also provide consumers with multiple delivery options, and ensure e-tailers can offer these options using our data-driven and algorithm-based digital services.

As the designated provider of the universal service obligation (USO) in the Netherlands, providing accessible and reliable postal services at affordable prices is the norm for PostNL.

Another key aspect of this is our retail network, which is becoming increasingly important to efficiently carry out our services and makes it easier for customers to collect and return parcels. It also involves expanding and strengthening our role along the value chain, such as through our Spring operations and by providing fulfilment services and @Home solutions. These activities are increasingly supported and complemented by our range of digital capabilities and services.

PostNL plays an important role in the logistic value chain

Our key partners

Main markets and customers

PostNL provides customers with services in, to and from the Benelux. We are the designated universal service provider in the Netherlands, and we are involved in the export and import of mail and parcels outside the Benelux through our Spring brand.

Main suppliers and purchase markets

The majority of supplier costs comprise transport-related services, followed by information and communication services, hiring and advice, human resources and properties and facilities. Suppliers can be located and also source from within or outside the Benelux. As ESG is a license to operate, we include several relevant criteria in our procurement practices on both environmental, social and governance-related topics.

Other partners

PostNL works to strengthen the logistic value chain and improve our competitive position, for example by innovating and collaborating with partners such as industry associations, public-private initiatives, trade unions and benchmarking institutes. We are also working with partners to help drive their business, by using our distinctive experience and innovative business models. Our company is shaped by the relationship we have with customers, partners, consumers, suppliers and society. The infographic visualises our position in the value chain and our connection with customers and consumers as we work to fulfil our ambition to be the favourite deliverer in the Benelux region.