Future risks

Climate change is an emerging risk that we are monitoring closely, and relate to our ability to anticipate and mitigate the risks stemming from extreme weather conditions such as extreme heat or flooding. Such risks are addressed through specific measures as part of our regular business continuity process. For instance, during the periods of extreme heat we have taken steps to improve ventilation, improve availability of fresh water, introduced longer pauses and adjusted working times.

We also closely monitor potential national or global outbreaks of a pandemic, such as the recent coronavirus outbreak in China. We have existing business continuity plans as well as occupational health & safety procedures in place to mitigate such risks, should they escalate . The crisis management team of our international Spring business in Hong Kong has been activated, which evaluates the situation on a daily basis and provides guidance to our employees. The measures taken include dissemination of relevant information about the disease and its symptoms, action protocols in case symptoms are experienced, and a travel ban to China.