2 Customer value performance indicators

PostNL Customer value performance indicators as indicated
2016 - 2020

Year ended at 31 December






Key performance indicators


Share of highly satisfied customers






Share of satisfied customers






Share of e-commerce related revenues






Delivery quality Parcels in the Netherlands1






Delivery quality Mail in the Netherlands (2020 preliminary)







Other performance indicators


Reputation score (on a 0 -100 scale)






ISO 9001 certification (percentage of total FTE working in certified sites)






  • 1 2016 - 2019 not audited

2.1 Customer satisfaction and reputation

Customer satisfaction

We measure customer satisfaction twice a year through an online survey performed by an independent external research company. In 2020, we invited more than 65,500 customers, both business customers and consumers, to participate (2019: 70,000) and our response rate was 9% (2019: 9%). In our survey, we ask our customers about their opinion on various elements of our business. This includes but is not limited to the timeliness and quality of our delivery, our communication, the quality of our service and help desks. International customers are not included in this survey, their satisfaction is measured separately following a different method and reported internally.

Where traditionally customers would only use mail or parcel services, the rise of omnichannel means that today’s customers use a range of products and services across the entire company. During their customer journey, customers interact with us through multiple channels and often switch between channels. For example, when receiving a parcel it is not uncommon for customers to use a combination of our website, the PostNL app and our retail locations. This is why we are focusing on creating a unique and personalised customer experience that provides them with a uniform and consistent experience, no matter how, where or when they interact with us. More information about our developments and actions in relation to customer satisfaction is explained in the 'Customer value' chapter.

Reputation score

In addition to customer satisfaction, we also monitor our corporate reputation. The independent Reputation Institute calculates the RepTrak pulse score for our Dutch operations, based on a representative sample of respondents from Dutch society. The score is determined based on opinions of different stakeholders, including customers and employees. After a slight decrease in the last two years, we noted a significant increase of our reputation score in 2020. Our reputation is being measured on seven different aspects of doing business, and our reputation has improved on all aspects compared to 2019. In our strategy, we a, we aim to strengthen our brand and our reputation going forward.

2.2 Share of e-commerce related revenue

We measure the share of e-commerce related revenues from our total revenues to evaluate our progress on our transformation to become the logistics and postal solutions provider in, to and from the Benelux. We use the revenues from contracts with customers at Parcels as nominator in our calculation. This is a simplified method to calculate our progress, which gives a conservative score on our performance as some of our mail services are also related to e-commerce. Excluding these revenues in this metric, does not influence the overall view on our progress. We also use different qualitative factors to evaluate the progress. More information about the developments in relation to our progress can be found in the 'Customer value' chapter.

2.3 Delivery quality

At PostNL, the quality of our services is a key driver for our success. In order to grow, we need to have the basics right. This is why we focus strongly on the operational performance of our core processes and services. We measure and monitor a great variety of performance metrics against targets set in order to identify and follow up on improvement areas. At group level, we defined two key performance indicators, the delivery quality of 24h mail in the Netherlands and the delivery quality of Parcels in the Netherlands.

Parcels in the Netherlands

Our e-commerce customers increasingly view the quality of our core services as a qualifier in doing business. Steering on high quality levels is therefore essential if we are to continue making progress with our strategy. The delivery quality of parcels in the Netherlands that we use as a key performance indicator covers the processes from sorting to delivering for our core parcels network. 2020 was the first year we set targets at senior management level and report about the performance externally. Consequently, the performance covering the years 2016 - 2019 are disclosed for comparability only, and have not been audited.

Despite the increased pressure on our organisationas a result of the steep volume growth in 2020, we managed to exceed our 98% target by 1% with a stable performance throughout the year. More information can be found in the 'Customer value'chapter.

Mail in the Netherlands

Under the USO, PostNL delivers mail posted in letterboxes across the country five days a week. For funeral mail this is six days a week. The USO prescribes that 95% of this mail needs to be delivered by the next day. In 2020, we did not reach this 95% delivery target for the full year. This is a preliminary result as the ACM will determine the final result based on an official report we will file in May 2021. More information is provided in the 'Customer value' chapter.