Position and role in the value chain

Our value chain

With our broad range of services, we play an important role in the logistic value chain. The way we develop our company is influenced by the relationship with our partners, both suppliers and customers. The infographic below visualises the role we play in the value chain, including those services beyond our core business activities. This section provides more information about the extent of our role in the value chain.

Our broad range of products and services

While our core business activities are to collect, sort and deliver mail, parcels and other goods, we are transitioning to a full-service logistics service provider. This means offering services beyond our core activities. For example, we help senders place orders through our own channels, and consumers find the right delivery option when they order online. We also prepare shipments, such as fulfillment services for customers, arranging everything from stock management and order picking to collection and delivery services. We provide receivers with multiple delivery options to give them more flexibility during the logistics process, and help e-tailers offer these options using our data-driven and digital services. And we provide customers with return services as part of our business model.

Main markets and customers

PostNL focuses on providing services in the Benelux. As the designated universal service provider in the Netherlands, we are also involved in the export and import of mail beyond the Benelux. We offer import and export services for parcels and mail, and logistic solutions outside the Benelux through our Spring brand.

We help business customers send parcels, mail and other goods to receivers in the Benelux. From corporates to small businesses, from physical companies to e-tailers, we serve a wide range of customers. And we send and deliver parcels and mail for consumers in the Benelux, while arranging logistic services for business customers globally through Spring.

Main supplier categories and purchase markets

Almost half of our supplier costs go to transport-related services, with the rest going to those providing properties and facilities, hiring and advice, information and communication services; and human resources. These suppliers are primarily located in and operate from the Benelux. For procurement of assets, such as vehicles and company clothing, we also use suppliers directly involved in sourcing and creating products. These suppliers are based both in the Benelux and beyond.

Other key partners

PostNL is a large company and we take a pro-active approach towards strengthening the logistic value chain. We collaborate with a range of partners, including industry associations, public-private initiatives, trade unions and several benchmarking institutes. This collaboration is important to make progress on topics where we depend on others to achieve our goals, such as sustainable packaging.