Contributing to a better society

Contributing to a better society

We believe in giving something back in addition to our business activities. Our sponsorship policy aims to help people who need extra support to stay connected with society. This sponsorship also means we can provide our employees with an opportunity to give greater meaning to their jobs. We choose initiatives where we can add value, making use of our people, networks and competencies. Our employees spend time on a voluntary basis and we donate the use of our materials, equipment and networks.

Free delivery - Stichting Jarige Job

In 2020 we continued our partnership with Stichting Jarige Job, a foundation that provides very poor children in the Netherlands with a gift box on their birthday. Throughout the year, we deliver these boxes free of charge. In January, people can give the gifts they want to donate directly to the parcel deliverer, or drop them off at a retail point, and we then deliver them. In 2020 people could also make a financial donation to Stichting Jarige Job.

National Elderly Fund

In 2020 we delivered free Christmas cards to almost 2,000 primary schools across the Netherlands,the sixth year we have done so. Children could then colour the cards and send them to health institutions. This year people could also deliver their cards directly in their own neighbourhood, which many children did. In addition, we delivered around 141,000 Christmas cards to elderly people.

National Coalition against Loneliness

PostNL is a proud partner of the National Coalition against Loneliness, a coalition of companies, social institutions and governmental institutions that focus on reducing loneliness in the Netherlands. Through our presence in the heart of society, and the growth of our health activities, we have a great deal of contact with the elderly in their homes and want to help make a difference. This year we participated in a number of initiatives, including a project identifying loneliness. Fifteen of our parcel delivers in Rotterdam participated in a pilot that involved reporting suspicions of loneliness. Their concerns were then taken up by the professional welfare organization DOCK and the municipality of Rotterdam. The delivers reported several serious cases.

Alliance for a digital society

PostNL is part of a joint initiative between the private and public sectors to help people with limited digital skills keep up with a changing society. For Valentine’s Day we filled and delivered boxes that help people make offline contact in an increasingly online world. And we offered free postcards to be sent to someone who needed extra attention. We also helped collect laptops for home-schooling so children in families with limited resources could follow their lessons online.