Investor relations

PostNL endeavours to stay in regular contact with our shareholders. The main goal of our investor relations’ activities is to build our financial brand. To achieve that, we strive to inform the financial community about relevant developments in our company in a transparent, consistent and timely way. The Board of Management and the investor relations team maintain an active dialogue with the financial community, and we comply with applicable laws and rules and regulations of Euronext Amsterdam and the AFM and other relevant bodies.

Our investor relations’ programme consists of meetings with analysts and (potential) investors, conference calls, roadshows, investor conferences and other events. In addition, PostNL communicates with the financial community through press releases, the publication of the Annual Report, General Meetings of Shareholders and the company’s website. In 2022, PostNL had contact with many (potential) investors in major financial cities in Europe and North America, for the majority by means of video calls. We meet with (potential) investors regularly to ensure they receive a balanced and complete view of the company’s strategy, performance and the issues faced by the business, and to listen to their feedback, while always observing applicable rules concerning selective disclosure, equal treatment of (potential) shareholders and insider trading. In the period preceding the publication of quarterly results, PostNL will be in a ‘closed period’.

Explanation by the Board of Management of quarterly results is given either at group meetings and/or conference calls which are accessible by phone and via the website (audiocast). Additionally, General Meetings of Shareholders are broadcast via audiocast. Our website provides all relevant information with regard to publication dates and procedures to attend or listen in to presentations.

Contact between the Board of Management, the financial community and the press is carefully handled and structured. The company will not compromise the independence of analysts in relation to the company and vice versa. Analysts’ reports and valuations are not assessed, commented upon or corrected, other than factually, by the company. PostNL does not pay any fees to parties for carrying out research for analysts’ reports or for the production or publication of analysts’ reports, with the exception of credit rating agencies. Contact with our financial stakeholders is taken care of by the members of the Board of Management and PostNL’s investor relations’ professionals.

The Board of Management has adopted investor relations and media guidelines that PostNL employees abide by.

For the latest and archived press releases, presentations, share price information and other company information, such as our online Annual Reports and interim reports, please visit PostNL’s website.