Internal audit

PostNL's internal audit function provides independent and objective assurance to the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board on the effectiveness of the internal control framework, and performs financial, IT and non-financial management systems and operational audits for the various units within the PostNL Group. Audits are scheduled in close cooperation with the business concerned and organised in such a way that the external auditor can use the internal audit activities optimally. Each audit is followed by a formal audit report to the management responsible. Adequate follow-up on audit findings is assured. A summary report of audit-related topics (findings, follow-up, and so on) is issued every quarter to the Board of Management and the Audit Committee. Audit planning, the quality and professionalism of the audit team and the effectiveness and efficiency of the execution of the audits are supervised by the Board of Management and approved by the Audit Committee. The internal audit function reports to the CEO, with open communication to the CFO and the Audit Committee.